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Pizza Napoletana

Pizzeria Napoletana

Master Pizza Chef Sasy Iovino offers authentic Neapolitan pizza in his restaurant Sasy The Original.

Born in Ischia, Sasy was fascinated by the work of the pizza chefs in his region from an early age. In 2000 he opened his first pizzeria in Nola, in the province of Naples.

In 2019, Sasy arrived in Prague to open a restaurant.
Sasy uses only Italian ingredients and traditional recipes.

His pizza is crunchy, and the dough is light and fragrant. For years, Sasy has received the "50 Best Pizza" award for being one of the best pizzerias in Prague.

Pizza burrata e mortadella
Pizza quattro Stagioni
Cucina napoletana

Experience the real Neapolitan Tradition

At Sasy The Original, pizza is made with the authentic traditional Neapolitan recipe.

There are neither shortcuts nor secrets: top-quality ingredients, passion, and a lot of energy are the recipes that have taken us to the top of Italian cuisine in Prague for years.

Every day, we want to give all our customers an unforgettable and authentic culinary experience in the heart of the city.

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Pizzeria e cucina napoletana
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